Member of Centre of Traditional Manufacture of Ioannina (KEPAVI)
Member his Associations of Silversmiths of Ioannina (from 1983)
Certified products with the signal of authentic Greek handcrafted creations


Handcrafted Silverware

The first contact of Heraklis Evagelou with silversmith’s craft, became in 1976 with his three-year study in the faculty silversmith’s craft of Ioannina.

Parallel with his study, he worked beside considerable craftsmen of city, which helped him to absorb a lot of positive elements and to gain priceless experience for his art.

In 1983 created his own enterprise, giving accent in the right quality and the continuous renewal of drawings in order to it covers all the requirements of market.

In 2000, the enterprise was transported in modern privately-owned space 200 square meter completely equipped in order to is always achieved the best quality.

From 1993 has permanent participation in exhibition of his sector inboard and abroad presenting his remarkable work.

In 2001, created with his spouse in the centre of city, shop of retail sale of craft creations from silver.

His direct contact through the shop with the customer, helps him to be renewed and to become worthy of his confidence.